Wrangel Island


The homeland of polar bears — under this name Wrangel Island is known among the population of Chukotka and in Russia. Its location is unique — it is divided by 180 longitude meridian in half. Fijian Archipelago and Bounty Islands near New Zealand are at the same longitude. The meridian is considered to be a date change line.

Transportation to Wrangel Island is performed only by sea. This piece of land, which has become a refuge for the largest bird markets, walrus rookeries and, of course, polar bears, lies between the Chukchi Sea and the East Siberian Sea. It is the main part of the reserve “Wrangel Island” and is protected by UNESCO as a natural and paleontological monument.

Logistics to Wrangel Island includes the preparation of shipment from Anadyr — this is the nearest major port. We also undertake the delivery of goods from any point of Russia through the Northern Sea Route. Various goods here are needed not for the polar bears, but for the military deployed on the island: since 2014 the Pacific Fleet is based here.

We offer delivery of goods to Wrangel Island all year round. The territory is administratively subordinated to the Chukotka Autonomous District and is popular with tourist groups visiting the Arctic. Presumably, the area could have been inhabited since the 19th century. Navigator Wrangel, after whom the island was named, in his book quoted a Siberian newspaper of the 1820s. It says that the land has its own population, similar to the Chukchi and the Russians.

More than 100 years later, the first modern inhabitants appeared on the island — the Eskimos, who came from settlements on the mainland. After the founding of the polar station, people started reindeer herding, then built two civil villages and a military town. By the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the military and ordinary citizens had left the island and only recently it has been revived. Nowadays the freight transportation to Wrangel Island is very much in demand for those who live and work here.

In 2011, a single man, an Eskimo shaman, lived here. Three years later, a military town where the Russian Navy are serving appeared here again. Arctic Shipping Company (ASCO) organizes cargo shipment of any volume to Wrangel Island and back, to the mainland. We take care of all the procedures for loading and unloading, even on unequipped shore. Our fleet has all the necessary equipment for unloading of various goods offshore.

Transportation to Wrangel Island in winter is possible only with the support of the ice fleet. Since September, the storm winds are blowing here and the temperature reduces greatly.

It should be noted that tourists are particularly interested in the fauna of the Arctic. Moreover, bones of the last mammoths in the world were found here. All this attracts both visitors and geological polar expeditions. They need food supply, temporary construction, and cargo can be delivered only by sea. Therefore, transportation to Wrangel Island is an up-to-date service.

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