The Barents Sea


Sea port locations situated in the basin of the Arctic Ocean are strategically and economically important points in development of Russia. Here wood and coal, oil and gas, furs and fish are obtained. One of the greatest water areas is the Barents sea. On its coast Murmansk is situated , one of the largest ports of the Arctic. The sea doesn’t get frozen here in winter, that’s why the port receives vessels constantly. Due to all-year round navigation Murmansk became a transshipment base in the Barents Sea. Together with Arkhangelsk which is situated in the water area of the White sea, both ports give about half of general cargo turnover in the North Sea route. In Murmansk goods for import are loaded: metal, flour, sugar and exported cargo — coal, apatites, wood and ores.

Seas of the Arctic Ocean play a very important role in providing communication between the countries of Asia, Russia, Europe and America: along the Arctic sea route transportation of different cargoes takes place. But transportation along the Barent sea and other seas is difficult because in the period from November to May they are all covered with ice. Only near Murmansk, in the south-west, near the Gulf Stream, the sea doesn’t get frozen.

Among the ports on which delivery is performed by the Barents Sea, it is necessary to point out Naryan-Mar and Varandey, the largest ones after Murmansk. There are also ports in Polyarniy and Pechenga — setllements in the Murmansk area. The city of Polyarniy is the base where the Russian Northern fleet is situated and entrance into it is only possible according to transit permits. Transportation to the Barents Sea can include military machinery , equipment and other goods as a part of groupage goods and as a separate order. Transporting by sea armoured vehicles, heavy haulers, cross-country vehicles without which it is impossible to explore the Far North is a saving solution.

Military men also have their base in Pechenga — frontier guards are situated there. Moreover company “Sevneft” works there and factory to produce fish products so transporting goods for export and transporting along the Barents sea inside the country is also up to date.

Transport routes going through the Barents sea first of all deal with close situated archipelago where Russian settlements are situated. It washes Spitzbergen and Novaya Zemlya. The so-called Pechora sea is situated in the south-eastern part which is a part of the Barents sea water area. River Pechora falls in it and there is a settlement of the same name there. Prirazlomnoye deposit is also situated in this area and it is the first and for the moment the only one already explored arctic oil deposit. Transport in the Barents sea goes only in the period of summer navigation, in winter the vessels can pass only with ice-breakers assistance. The sea is also limited with the northern shores of Russia and Norway.

Besides archipelagoes, there is Kolguev island situated in the sea where military base is situated. Logistics of transportation in the Barents sea can include transportation of cargoes to the water area of the Atlantic Ocean. From here transportation is made along the Northern Sea Route to any port locations of the Fra North, international cargo transportation to Europe , cargoes from here are transported to Asia — this way is much shorter than via Suez Channel.

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