Island Varandey is situated in the Nenets autonomous area. It is a part of the group “Gulyaevskie koshki”. Nowadays the settlement situated on its territory belongs to the disappeared inhabited settlements of Zapolyarye. Some time ago they were nentsy who lived there, they pursued traditional for folklore trades: deer farming and fishing. In 70-ies of the last century geologists started to work there and their exploration work was a success: nowadays there is the most northern oil terminal in this area.

Transportation to Varandey and back of different cargoes is a possibility to constantly maintain communication with the continent. Nowadays here is only a rotation camp on the territory, the very reindeer breeding base was closed in 2000.

The whole group of islands is situated in Pechora sea (south-east of the Barents sea). Sending ships to Varandey can take place in any time of the year. Here a big port with the quay is equipped which is able to receive and to load goods even in winter. Thus, delivery to Varandey of any cargoes simplifies significantly. Ice-resistant terminal of this island is mentioned in the Guinness book of World Records.

Nowadays the inhabitants of the settlement are accommodated in different cities of Russia, because in 2000 the sea took the place of the shore and life of the people living on the island became at risk. Sending from Varandey was very fast and nowadays in the settlement they are only employees of Lukoil who work by rotational team method. There are no permanent residents on the island. The terminal processes about 12 million tons of oil annually: there are 6 oil depot terminals situated nearby. For sending fuel an airport and a quay are equipped: transporting oil from Varandy by sea is the safest and the most comfortable way of transportation. Moreover, oil producers often need equipment and household products which our company can deliver.

Tankers are served in the sea port all year round, but the inner harbor works only in the summer and the autumn period. In order to unload the goods a modern floating crane is used, cargo capacity of which makes 17 tons, for heavier cargo it is required to have your own crane equipment. Delivery to Varandey of any equipment is possible.

There is also a transshipment base in the settlement which belongs to the Prirazlomnaya deposit. It is the only arctic offshore deposit where oil is actively explored. According to the forecast, here there are about 70 mln tons of resources.

The company which has the license for this deposit, orders trade cargo transportation from Varandey to the ports of Europe, Asia and Arctic. Offloading terminal is equipped not far from the port, there is even a place for helicopters. In winter only ice breakers can go here which accompany cargo vessels. Logistics to Varandey is one of the directions of activity of our company. As oil producers have their own fleet with an ice breaker, the task of delivery of goods to the island and from the island simplifies.

Transportation from Varandey to Arkhangelsk is a demanded service and Arctic Shipping Company takes full responsibility and efforts related to delivery and processing of the goods.

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