Alexandra Land


One of the major islands of Franz Josef Land archipelago is Alexandra Land. It belongs to the Arkhangelsk region and is located within the territory of the natural federal reserve. Now there is a border-crossing checkpoint on the island. In 2004 a memorial plaque was installed on the island, indicating that this territory laid the foundation for the Russian development of the Far North areas in the 21st century.

Sending of various cargoes to Alexandra Land and the transport connection between the mainland and the islands can be carried out around the clock with the support of icebreakers. In winter, the trip to the archipelago can last for several days.

The island in the Barents Sea is farther from the continent than Novaya Zemlya archipelago. There used to be a Soviet polar hydrometeorological station there, which was closed long ago. Now the island is under construction due to the presence of a military unit. Therefore, delivery of goods to the Alexandra Land is one of the popular directions of Arctic transportation.

There are large glaciers in this area, for example, Lunny and Kropotkin. The rest of the territory has many lakes. Nevertheless, there is a small town of border guards here covering the area of ?5 thousand m?, which has a power unit, a large warehouse and a residential building.

Transportation to Alexandra Land can be performed only by sea and air. The goods are delivered to the base of the border guard service “Nagurskaya”.

Arctic Shipping Company (ASCO) offers sea shipping services from anywhere in Russia to Alexandra Land and back. To ensure regular supply of the border station on the island, regular sea voyages are required.

Logistics of any cargo delivery to Alexandra Land is a task that is solved by the specialists of our company. We work out the optimal route from the point of departure to the final point. Since the coast of the island is not equipped to receive goods, unloading of goods is possible only with the help of boats or tugboats. Transportation of household, construction, military and other goods, as well as food to Alexandra Land occurs mainly during the summer navigation. In winter, delivery is also possible, but nuclear icebreakers assistance is necessary. Moreover, the island has the “Arctic shamrock” military base, the construction of which has not yet been completed. Equipment, construction materials are constantly brought here, and ships of companies specializing in deliveries along the Northern Sea Route transport goods to Alexandra Land.

Soon a runway should be reconstructed on the site and then the delivery of goods by air will be simplified. Nevertheless, heavy equipment, wood and other materials will still be brought only by sea. Therefore, freight transportation for the “Arctic Shamrock” base on Alexandra Land remains relevant throughout the year.

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