Delivery of goods via the Northern Sea Route is an economically justified solution that will save time and money. Arctic Shipping Company (ASCO) offers freight services from Murmansk to the Arctic ports.

The second largest port of Russia, Murmansk port, is located in the Barents Sea (Kola Bay). It is here that all Russian ships with nuclear installations are located; there are three main parts of the port — the commercial, the largest one, the passenger and the fishery parts. The first one is the most active now, it accepts ships, loaded with coal, nis matte, tankers. The port’s cargo turnover is more than 17 million tons of various goods.

Our specialization is transportation of your cargoes to Murmansk. This port is one of the main transshipment bases for the delivery of products by sea along the Arctic route and along with Arkhangelsk is the most important ports of the Far North. When transporting goods along the northern navigable highway, this city is often the final or starting point. Cargoes come here from everywhere to be transported to the destination by sea.

We take full responsibility for the delivery of goods from Murmansk to any port of the Barents, Bering, East Siberian, Kara and other Arctic seas. Often a client needs multitransport delivery, where different types of vehicles are involved, including sea, land and air. The first type refers to the least expensive ones.

It is possible to organize a railway delivery to Murmansk with the help of the October Railway, from where many trains run to the south. Near the city there is an airport where goods arrive by air. It is possible to reach Murmansk by road from St. Petersburg, Moscow and even neighboring countries — Finland and Norway.

All goods, including oversized ones, are completely cleared by the employees of our company. Arctic Shipping Company provides services of loaders and logisticians, forwarders and storekeepers. Logistics of transportation to and from Murmansk involves the presence of permits and approvals. Our employees are ready to take on the responsibility for project approvals and placing of cargo both on our ships and on the railway trains.

Transportation from Murmansk to other northern ports can also be cleared with additional customs services if the goods come from another country. ASCO guarantees that cargo will not be subjected to mechanical influences, including loads that arise on board the vessel: rolling, drift. We use reliable fastening methods, as we take full responsibility for the condition of the goods. Taking into account climate changes and condensation, our specialists will find ways to protect containers from spoilage.

For shipment to Murmansk, we use specialized vessels with all necessary equipment, loading equipment and floating cranes.

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