About Company

The main speciality of the company “LLC Nord Project” is maritime cargo transportation in the Arctic Region. We deliver goods to the ports along all the Northern Sea Route.

We established and we develop the company which fully meets demands of the customer, we implement multiprofile service, which includes a wide range of services dealing with document processing and transportation of the goods along the Transpolar Passage. Our employees have a rich experience in cargo transportation in the conditions of the Far North. LLC Nord Project has its own fleet, equipped with all the necessary stuff to pass the Northern Sea Route.

This route is 2.5 times shorter than other navigational trading routes which go through the Suez Canal and Panama Canal. The Northern Sea Route is a route which goes through the seas situated in the Arctic Ocean and the Bering Sea (The Pacific Ocean).This route is considered to be the shortest for the in-time delivery of goods to the ports of Arctic, Europe and Asia.

Our company strives for long-term cooperation and partnership , that’s why we offer flexible prices, discounts and we try to find an individual approach to everybody. We do our best to make maximum comfortable conditions for the client: safe and fast cargo transportation, service at a high level , help in customs processing of cargo and registration of cargo.

The shortest navigational route between the Far East and the part of Russia that borders on Europe is Northern Sea Route. The legislation clarifies that this arctic communication was formed historically, it is the uniform and national transport “artery” of Russia in the Far North.

Navigational northern corridor includes the seas of the Arctic Ocean, and the Bering Sea, situated in the Pacific Ocean. Geographical borders of the Northern navigational route can be distinguished from the one side — with straits near Novaya Zemlya archipelago — the route borders on the meridian near the Cape Zhelaniya. From the other side, the Northern Sea Route finished near the watershed divide between Eurasia and North America. The length of the route from the Kara Sea to the Bering Sea where the farthest points of the route are makes 5600 km. Thus if one transports cargo from Saint-Petersburg to Vladivostok along the Northern Sea Route, it will make twice as fast as the route through the Mediterranean Sea, which makes 23 thousand km.

The ports which are engaged in the Northern Sea Route, are situated in the Arctic and in the Siberian rivers. Here, with the help of the arctic navigational route transportation of the fuel, products, wood, different equipment and coal takes place. The companies which do not have ice fleet can transport cargo only through the Suez Canal or the Caribbean Sea. But the distance from Murmansk to Japan makes almost 13000 nautical miles if you go through the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Meanwhile the Northern Sea Route allows to reduce the distance up to 5770 miles.

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