Cargo Shipping Services

Arctic shipping company provides great variety of cargo shipping services.

We deal with domestic shipment as well as export-import shipment. We work in the regions of High North and Arctic Coast, transport goods to the European and Asian countries.

Our company has a well-equipped up-to-date fleet that consists of universal bulk-carriers for general and bulk cargoes transportation on arctic directions. All vessels with freight-carrying capacity from 7 up to 12 thousand metric tons have cranes with a load capacity of 20 and 80 tons. The high ice class vessels can go through brash ice. We offer broad options for export-import cargoes delivery.

Arctic cargo traffic

Our company specializes in cargo transshipment in Arctic. We deliver cargoes to ports and port localities of the Arctic Region all year round, also in winter with nuclear ice-breakers’ assistance. We deliver cargoes to the all territories along the coastline of White, Barents and Kara seas as well as to the islands of the Arctic Ocean. We have developed original routes to deliver cargoes to the archipelago Novaya Zemlya, Franz Joseph Land, Mys Shmidta, Wrangel Island, ports — Pevek, Tiksi, Dikson, Dudinka, Kharasavey, the Gulf of Ob and Baydaratskaya Bay.

Arctic Shipping Company transports all types of cargoes:

  • general cargo;
  • bulk dry cargo (sand, crushed stone, coal);
  • building supplies and heavy equipment;
  • containerized cargo;
  • heavy and substandard cargoes.

We supply our clients with all logistic services taking into account route, loading and discharge peculiarities.

Our Company offers top requested container shipping. We transport containers from 3 up to 50 tons to the regions of High North and Arctic, European and Asian countries. We offer a set of respounce services when we deal with delivery to localities that are hard to get.

Cargoes lightering

Tug/barge towing arrangements take part in operations for discharging over undeveloped beaches.

All tugs are of ice class and are equipped with automatic cranes with a load capacity of up to 25 tons. Barges with a carrying capacity of up to 100 tons are equipped with ramps for heavy vehicles and automobile transport discharge. Tug/barge towing arrangements work actively on the archipelago Novaya Zemlya, Sabetta, New Port, “Utrennee” field, at ports of Dudinka, Kharasavey, the Nenets Autonomous District and port localities of Baydaratskaya Bay.

Stevedore Services

We offer a wide range of stevedore services at the cargo terminal “Zharovikha” with year-round navigation. The port of “Zharovikha” has its own railway lines that allows to transport goods from all urban communities of Russia to mooring line of the terminal for loading and sea transportation.

Our company offers the whole range of warehousing services at the cargo terminal “Zharovikha”:

  • cargoes safe storage;
  • cargo packing;
  • cargo shifting;
  • container packing;
  • cargo handling.

Cargo terminal “Zharovikha” has a well-developed port infrastructure, sheltered and unsheltered cargo warehouses with a total space of 30 thousand sq. m. The mooring line with total length of 700 m is equipped with portal cranes with a load capacity of up to 20 tons. The terminal has a universal electronic system of weight checking and up-to-date special-purpose machines. The port of “Zharovikha” has its own export-import part. Cargo customs clearance is made at port’s customs point that facilitate exporting and importing cargoes.

Export-Import Cargo Shipping

Arctic Shipping Company offers year-round cargo transportation to Europe and Asia. We deliver export products of woodworking enterprises and pulp-and-paper plants: timber, sawn wood products, pulp, pellets, as well as metal junk to Europe, Commonwealth of Independent States and Asia.

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