Northern Sea Route

LLC Nord Project performs cargo delivery to the European and Asian countries using the Northern Sea Route. This navigational route allows to reduce time and price of cargo transportation. We also work with all Arctic ports and transport domestic cargo and export cargo

Specifics of the routes during transportation along the North Sea Route to the Arctic and other ports is necessity to overcome difficult weather conditions. Latitudes where seas of the Arctic ocean lie make particular difficulties for the seafarers. First of all, it is ice which covers the greater part of the water surface since May till October. Only Arkhangelsk and Murmansk — key ports and transshipment base on the route — are the ports where one can enter all year round without ice-breakers assistance.

Cargo transportation to the Arctic along the North Sea route includes voyages to the Barents, White, Kara seas. We visit port stations on the seaside of the Laptev Sea, East-Siberian sea and Chuckchee sea. We make delivery to any islands of the Far North.

Usage of this route to go between Asian and European ports allows to reduce the time for transportation of goods more than twice. Delivery of goods along the North Sea route from the Arctic ports is main specialization of our company.

According to the information of the Administration of the North Sea route cargo carriage volume along this route grows annually and mainly it is directions to Dudinka, Sabetta and ports of the gulf of Ob which are required. Here they pull oil, gas and wood products which are sent to export.

Transport along the North Sea route from the Arctic is on its way in the period of summer navigation. It can be explained by the difficulties of navigation in ice. But our company has its own ice fleet which allows us to visit the most distant northern points where military bases and polar stations are in order to bring provisions.

Geography of transportation to the Arctic along the North Sea route encompasses all settlements on the seacoast of the continent from the Kara Strait to the Chukchee See. Due to this route the vessels freely go from Murmansk to Vladivostok, visiting all artic ports. The main customers who freight ships are the companies which got licences to explore oil and gas fields and military bases based in the Arctic.

We visit all the key ports making delivery from the Arctic along the North Sea Route of any cargos — bulk cargoes, general cargo, container cargo, equipment and techniques. Using all types of transport, we collect cargo from different points of Russia, then it is consolidated in Arkhangelsk or Murmansk and waits to be delivered to the ports of the Far North. Logistics of transportation along the North Sea route is creation of optimal transport route taking into account climate and seasonal changes. Notwithstanding that the majority of arctic settlements on the coast do not have ports to receive heavy-tonnage vessels, we make unloading even to the unimproved port facilities. For many islands sea route is the only way of regular communication with the continent and responsible delivery of goods is a condition of survival of people in the Far North.

We work at creation of the most comfortable conditions for the customer. Usage of modern technologies in the vessels rigging, seafarers with a wide experience of work in the Arctic Circle and well developed transport schemes allow us to perform delivery of any cargo in time.

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