Our Fleet

Arctic Shipping Company provides carriage by sea along the Northern Shipping Route. Arctic routes provide a great interest for trading companies due to the fact that routes through America or Europe are longer. We deliver different goods even to the remote territories in the High North.

The Company owns arctic ice-class dry cargo fleet. Vessels of a carrying capacity of 7000–43000 tones transport different goods from northern ports to Europe and Asia. We deliver provision, equipment, domestic cargoes to the territories in the High North.

All types of vessels are in high demand in the sphere of Northern Shipping Route transportation. We have a stable position in the cargo shipping market. Our fleet take part in long-time freight, coasting, exporting and importing deliveries.

Arctic Shipping Company’s fleet in arctic is an effective and well coordinated work of the whole staff: crew of high ice class vessels, managers, logisticians. Also we service traditional transportations such as regular timber and sawn wood products exportation. Difficult orders do not make us afraid. Main terminals are Murmansk and Arkhangelsk, especially river harbor “Zharovikha”.

The whole fleet is equipped with today’s navigation systems. Each vessel has several hoists that can crane from 40 up to 80 tons.

Our arctic vessels freight for bulk dry cargo transportation such as crushed stone and sand. We transport coal from Spitzbergen and other high northern ports to European and Asian seaside cities. We deliver general and containerized cargos, help with cargo operations over a beach. We provide our clients with safe storage at stocks and container rent.

Unlike other shipping companies ASCO Northern marine fleet transports goods along the Arctic Shipping Route during the whole year. During short summer navigation vessels go themselves, in winter cargoes are delivered with the help of nuclear-power icebreakers. Our high ice class vessels can go even through brash ice.

All vessels are universal and are freighted for different purposes. Outsize and heavy-weight cargoes can be transported on and below decks. Each arctic vessel is equipped with special container handling system and has a license for carriage of all dangerous goods.

ASCO has voyages to the ports of Northern Shipping Route all year round. Arctic fleet has vessels of different size with towing-barge train and can transport goods even to port stations of difficult access.

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