Spitzbergen archipelago is one of the most famous arctic territories that is under the administrative control of Norway and is its the northernmost point. Russia is also working here. There are Russian settlements on Western Spitzbergen Island. Spitzbergen is a demilitarized zone so there are no military bases here.

Cargoes to Spitzbergen are transported all y ear round. The island is a main destination of polar tourists.

Due to the airport and well-equipped seaport there is regular air and sea service. The archipelago is populated with less than 3 thousand people: 70% are Norwegian, others are mostly Russian. Cargo shipping to Longyearbyen — Norwegian center of the archipelago and to mining locations is the cheapest and the most convenient method of food and domestic cargoes delivery.

Transportation of natural resources from the island is of high demand. Due to the agreement for equal use of natural resources, in Barentsburg settlement coal is extracted by the company “Arcticcoal”. Bulk cargoes are transported from Spitzbergen by sea all year round with the help of icebreakers. This way of coal transportation is more favorable. Vessels of all states that signed the agreement with Norway can freely enter the territorial waters of the archipelago. This fact helps vessels not to lose time at border and customs control points. Russians do not need visa. Russian is the second official language.

Sea transportation to Spitzbergen is one of the main activities of our company.

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