One of the key transshipment bases of the northern Sea route is the port of Arkhangelsk which is situated on the Dvina river near Dvina Bay, Bay of the White Sea. There are 70 acting berths in the port. The port is the most important point from where transportation from Arkhangelsk to Arctic take place. On the berths the cargo is processed and it is sent along the navigational arctic route in different directions. The port of Arkhangelsk has two areas where loading and discharging of goods take place. All the berths have general length of more than 3 km.

Shipment of goods from Arkhangelsk to the port locations of the Arctic can take place both on Ekonomiya and Bakaritsa. This areas differfrom each other due to different requirements to the vessels. Ekonomiya receives vessels , the lengthof which does not exceed 190 m, moreover, even when the length makes 175 m, the masters are to ask for permission for mooring. Allowed width is 30 m max, draught — 9 m max. Ekonomiya is situated on the left side of the river arm, distance from this area to the city makes 25 km.

All in all there are 7 berths in Ekonomiya, the length of which makes more than 1 km. Here different types of cargo are processed: containers, metals, wood, industrial equipment, bulk and construction cargos, as well as cellulose and cardboard. Delivery to Arkhangelsk for further transportation along the North sea route cane be made aither by air or road , later on our vessel takes the goods for transportation.

Ekonomiya works with extra-heavy cargoes — there are cranes on the berth which are able to lift 40 tons and equipment for loading containers. Covered warehouses of these berths have total area of more than 17 thousand square meters, open areas — more than 160 thousand sq.m.

The first berth is used for transshipment of containers, here terminal is installed, reception capacity of which allows to receive 75 thousand units (20-ft containers) annually. Transportation of containers to Arkhangelsk can be organized along the railway, in container lorries. Special loading elevators lift cargo up to 30 tons. Here the warehouse is equipped which occupies the area of 100 thousand sq.m. — you can place here more than 5500 bulk containers including refrigerators and even about 2000 containers which contain hazardous cargo.

If you need to transport cargo to Arkhangelsk and other arctic ports by sea, please contact Arctic Shipping Company (ASCO). We perform full document processing of the goods, including customs.

Extra heavy and bulk cargoes are received and taken in the area of Ekonomiya. Bakaritsa is considered for the vessels of the smaller sizeand corresponding cargoes. Graught here should be 7.5. m max, length of the vessel — 135 m in summer and 165 m in winter. This area of the trade port houses 13 berths, the length of which makes almost 2 km. Cargo bridge cranes are capable to lift the goods which weigh up to 32 tons. Warehouses in Bakaritsa have a smaller area than in Ekonomiya — 22 thousand sq.m. covered and 70 thousand open. From here the goods are sent from Arkhangelsk to all the ports of the Arctic Ocean and rivers of Siberia. On Bakaritsa such goods as food stuffs , paper and cellulose, cardboard, wood, scrap metal and other goods.

Logistics of sea carriages to Arkhangelsk is our main task. ASCO specialists take responsibility to organize delivery of goods to the sea port and further to the point of destination. We receive coastal, import and export cargoes for further cargo transportation from Arkhangelsk.

Cargoes can be delivered here by river due to central cargo port which is situated on the Big Dvina River next to Zharovikha. Here cargo vessels moor the draught of which is not more than 5.2 m. Berths of this area process cargoes with the help of the cranes which lift cargo up to 20 tons. The berths stretch for more than 300 m. Here there is the transshipment base for the cargoes which arrive by river for further transportation by sea. We provide transportation of cargoes from Arkhangelsk to any ports of the White and the Barents sea, Dudinka, Pevek, Igarka, Tiksy, Naryan-Mar and other port locations situated on the Arctic coast.

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