One of the key points of the Arctic in the development of gas fields is Sabetta. Ten years ago it was a small settlement, consisting of the Komi and the Russians, now there is a camp here built after 2010. It is located in the east of the Yamal Peninsula and is the administrative unit of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. The settlement lies on the coast of the Ob Bay, the bay of the Kara Sea. According to official information, the infrastructure and residential buildings of the village are designed for less than 4 thousand inhabitants, but the head of “Novatek” gas company claims that about 20 thousand employees of the company work here. Therefore, transportation of cargoes of economic purpose, food and equipment for shift workers to Sabetta is a priority direction of our company’s activity in the Yamal region.

The project of Yamal LNG company was created here, for which the airport, the railway and the seaport were built. Despite the excellent condition of the airport and a wide opportunities, as well as the receipt of international aviation, cargoes are mainly delivered to Sabetta by sea.

The company participates in the development of a large gas field on the peninsula. The reserves of the South Tambeyskoye field are estimated at more than 1 trillion cubic meters of natural gas. The program for the development of the gas industry in Russia is planned until 2030 and includes the development and operation of these reserves since 2024. Now preparatory work is under way, in particular, production facilities are planned to be built. Sea cargo transportation to Sabetta is the most profitable option for delivery of building materials and equipment for a gas plant. Difficult climatic conditions and ice that covers the Kara Sea from October to May create insurmountable obstacles to working out of a regular transportation plan. Logistics to Sabetta requires an attentive approach to the preparation of the transport route: it is necessary to establish a railway connection in order to be able to export natural gas in the winter not only by sea.

To implement such a large-scale project for the extraction and production of liquefied natural gas, the shift camp needs a well-established transport connection. The project’s infrastructure includes the seaport of Zeebrugge, which is located in Belgium. It is used as a transshipment base when sending gas from Sabetta by sea during the winter navigation along the Northern Sea Route. At this time, the passage through the ice of the Arctic is impossible and the gas goes to Asia through Belgium.

The seaport of Sabetta has begun accepting cargo ships since 2013, but its construction has not yet been fully completed. The depth of the approach and the sea channel, as well as the water area of ??the port is 15 meters, which allows to take large-tonnage vessels. The sea transportation of various goods to Sabetta and cargo delivery from the Ob Bay to the Pacific and other regions is now becoming a constant popular service. Our company accepts orders for sea freight from anywhere in Russia. We take responsibility for the collection, processing and delivery of goods from the consignor’s to the consignee’s warehouse.

Receipt of supply of the settlement is carried out on auxiliary berths. The oil and gas deposit Salmanovskoye is also being developed here and all employees working in the shift camp need both construction materials and food. Transportation to Sabetta is mostly performed by sea and air: road access is difficult, and the railway is planned to be completed only in 2019.

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