The administrative center of Taymyr in Krasnoyarsk Krai, a city with severe subarctic climate, Dudinka is an important point in the northern sea freight transportation. It lies at the confluence of the Yenisei and the Dudinka, its tributary. The distance from the city to the geographical north pole is less than to the capital of Russia, because Dudinka is situated in the Arctic.

Arctic Shipping Company (ASCO) carries cargo to Dudinka from Arkhangelsk and back. The seaport in this city is of federal importance and is on the Yenisei, therefore it is also a river port and accepts river-sea vessels.

The port handles piece goods, oil, timber, manufactured goods, food, minerals, including coal, sulfur and ore, scrap metal and so on. Cargoes can also be transported to Dudinka by river from ports of Abakan and Krasnoyarsk.

Transportation to Dudinka in spring is somewhat complicated — due to the fact that the port is situated on the river bank, it is flooded during a high water period in spring. This is the only port in the world with such a peculiarity. Every year in spring, employees evacuate portal equipment and stored goods to a height of 20 m, where there is no flooding. Flood lasts almost all June, right up to the end of the ice drift. At this time, the summer navigation begins. However, transportation to Dudinka is not limited due to hydrological manifestations: the port works constantly and it is possible to deliver goods even in a high water period.

The port is equipped with 9 sea berths and more than 20 river berths, and for the period of high water special additional berths are arranged. There is a separate oil pier with reservoirs of about 180 thousand m?.

Transportation to Dudinka can be performed by air and land, and then vessels will transport cargoes to Dikson or Khatanga. The port is capable of accepting vessels with carrying capacity not exceeding 17 tons. There are covered warehouses for temporary storage of goods, their total area is more than 280 thousand m?.

Logistics from Dudinka involves creation of a competent transport route. Depending on the needs of the client, we select the most convenient delivery scheme, which takes into account everything: the movement of ice, other climatic factors, the timetable for different modes of transport involved in transportation. Delivery of goods to Dudinka is a complicated matter, as in all cases of transportation to the Arctic ports. Still, this port is well equipped; it also has an alarm preventing the penetration of underwater drones or unregistered ships into the territory. Complete safety, physical protection and a shuttle boat allow to transport and store in the port of Dudinka even the most dangerous or valuable cargoes.

Our company also carries out shipment from Dudinka to Arkhangelsk or river ports of Siberian rivers. We provide all services related to the transport business and assume responsibility for the cargo from the moment of receipt to the warehouse at the final destination.

We accept to delivery any, even complex cargoes, including heavy machines, equipment, building materials, cars and containers.

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