The Coast Of The Baydaratskaya Bay


In the Kara Sea, near the Yamal Peninsula there is the Baydaratskaya Bay, one of the largest bays in the water area. Its length is almost 200 km, and the width is about 80 km. During winter navigation, the surface of the water is covered with ice, which can move and break due to the waves in the Kara Sea and the storm wind. However, sea transport almost never passes the coast of the Baydaratskaya Bay during this period.

There are several uninhabited islands here, and the shore itself belongs to the Arctic (Nenets Autonomous District), and to the Yamal area, and to the Urals (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District). Delivery of cargo by sea to the coast of the Baydaratskaya Bay is often required for foreign contractors, therefore, the carrier needs additional customs and border control clearances.

Arctic Shipping Company (ASCO) takes care of all the stages of clearance and transportation of goods by sea to the coast of the Baydaratskaya Bay. We unload cargo both at sea (at construction sites) and on unequipped shore using our own equipment, tugboats and barges.

The shore of the Baydaratskaya Bay is a typical arctic tundra. There are many rivers flowing into the same-name bay. There are 4 small settlements here; they are connected with the civilization in winter by winter road, and by railway, located in the east of the bay.

The construction works carried out here are connected with the laying of gas pipelines under water. This is the order of “Gazprom”, which needs to link several largest natural gas deposits found in Yamal into a single network. The gas pipelines are to connect the Kharasavey and Bovanenkovo fields with eastern Europe. Therefore, the shipment of cargo to the coast of Baydaratskaya Bay on sea vessels is connected, first of all, with these works.

The branches of the gas pipelines are to connect the self-propelled compressor station “Baydaratskaya” with a similar compressor station near the village of Yary, which is located near the river Kara. No one lives here anymore and sea transportation to the coast of the Baydaratskaya Bay is needed, as a rule, only for workers of the gas industry. Yary is located 250 km from Salekhard, the center of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, which can be reached by river. The entire territory within the settlements on the shore of the bay is limited for visits by foreigners. Dutch contractors, who are hired to build the gas pipeline, receive special permits.

The logistics of deliveries to the coast of the Baydaratskaya Bay is connected primarily with the season. All work is usually done in summer and ends in October, with the start of freeze-up. Consolidation of cargo can take place in any port, for example, in Arkhangelsk, then vessels of the “river-sea” type go to the Yamal shore of the bay and deliver the cargo to the pipeline installation site. It can be not only construction materials, but also equipment, food, household and any other goods.

Shipping to the coast of the Baydaratskaya Bay by sea can be multimodal, because the goods, as a rule, are large-sized. We conduct an expert study of the route, up to personal visits to the facilities and inspections of the condition of the piers and ways. Transportation to the coast of the Baydaratskaya Bay by sea requires obtaining of approvals from various agencies, including road services.

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