Cape Schmidt


The cape, named after the polar explorer Otto Schmidt, and the same-name settlement lie near the Long Strait, which divides the Chukchi and East Siberian seas. Transportation to Cape Schmidt is performed by winter roads and by air. Basically, the supply takes place along the Northern Sea Route.

Arctic Shipping Company (ASCO) has been transporting to the ports of the Far North, Europe and Asia for many years. Rich experience of work, own fleet, qualified specialists allow us to carry out timely delivery from Arctic ports to any ports of Russia.

Cargo transportation to Cape Schmidt by sea presupposes a full package of services: accepting the cargo at the starting point, issuing permits, packing, special marine fastening, container rental, delivery and unloading at the consignee’s warehouse.

There are three settlements on the cape: the village of Ryrkapy, the point of Cape Schmidt and the town where the military are stationed. Since 2014, this area is the base for the forces of USC “North”.

Transportation of building materials to Cape Schmidt for the construction of administrative and residential buildings in the military camp, economic and food supplies is relevant at any time of the year, as the supply of settlements is mainly by sea. The cape is included in the protected natural territory, united under the general name “Cape Kozhevnikov”.

Transportation to Cape Schmidt is mainly carried out in summer, but since there is also a settlement of oil workers, they need year-round connection. The coast is not equipped for loading and unloading of goods, therefore barges and tugs are used. Logistics to Cape Schmidt involves working out of a transport plan, which will take into account the peculiarities of this region. The village is located more than 600 km from Anadyr (the extreme north-east), therefore, orders for cargo transportation from Cape Schmidt to Asian ports, for example, the delivery of oil or gas, are not uncommon.

A number of small industrial enterprises, a hydrometeorological station, and a Soviet communication station for remote regions operated here. Over time, the housing stock has come to an emergency state and many residents of the village were relocated. The settlement became the location for the military from the strategic command “North” and therefore the delivery of machines, equipment and other specific cargoes to Cape Schmidt is now a priority for the military. The village has new prospects, thanks to the appearance of a military town and the development of oil fields.

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