One of the northernmost settlements of Russia is Tiksy, and only Khatanga, Dikson and Syndassko lie farther to the north. This is one of the important ports located along the Northern Sea Route. Transportation to Tiksy by sea may be required not only by local residents, but also by scientists of the same-name polar geophysical observatory, which has been in operation since the 1950s.

The settlement was formed as a base on the Northern Sea Route in the late 1930s. It is located in the bay of Tiksy, in the Laptev Sea. This is one of the most difficult parts of the Arctic path. Access to the village is possible both by sea and by the Lena river. Transportation of ??cargo and passengers to the port of Tiksy by sea is possible only during three summer months, when the sea is free from ice. Goods are transshipped here and further distributed to the river ports of the surrounding rivers — the Khatanga, the Kolyma, the Indigirka and others.

Transportation to Tiksy goes mainly by sea and air. There is no railway connection with the settlement. Aviation connects the port with Moscow, Yakutsk and other cities, in particular, with Arctic populated areas. During the three-month short water there is a passenger ship connection of the settlement with Ust-Kut, located on the Yana, as well as with Yakutsk along the Lena.

The Polar observatory is a part of the Institute of Aeronomy and Cosmophysical Research. Here, measurements are constantly taken: scientists explore cosmic rays, polar lights, radio waves and the geomagnetic field of the Earth. Sea freight in Tiksy often includes delivery of complex and fragile equipment to the observatory. Our company takes care of all the cargoes and delivers them in complete safety, despite the difficult northern weather conditions.

The port in Tiksy often accepts food, as well as household goods, machinery and equipment. Construction and natural materials, wood are transported from here. Logistics in Tiksy requires careful selection of the route and transportation time to fit the delivery into the three months of summer navigation.

The seaport of the settlement has even an oil terminal. Now there are only 8 berths for receiving bulk and general cargoes, the rest need to be reconstructed. For placing goods in the port there are covered warehouses, the area of ??which is about 4 thousand square meters and open sites, where you can store cargo on an area of ??about 53 thousand square meters. Shipping of oil to Tiksy and back by sea, using the port as a transshipment base is also possible — there are capacious fuel tanks.

There are 2 floating cranes, portal cranes capable of lifting a weight of about 30 tons, as well as crawler loaders and a container crane, forklift trucks, tractors and other storage equipment in the seaport. Delivery to Tiksy is one of the most demanded directions of northern maritime traffic. There is a base for repairing ships, the port is open around the clock.

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