The White Sea


To transport cargoes to the Far North is a hazardous thing which requires much effort because of the arctic climate. One of the water areas which the vessels enter following the Northern Sea Route is the White Sea. It is a part of the Arctic Ocean, but it refers to the internal sea because almost fully it goes into the land and is connected with the Barents sea with the water area between the Kola peninsula and Kanin Peninsula.

Cargo transportation along the White Sea are more often performed from Arkhangelsk. It is the largest port here. It receives different equipment , household items, products, coal and sawn wood and many others. The port in Arkhangelsk is the main transshipment base of the company activity of which includes transportation along the White Sea in the arctic, euqopean and Asian ports. From here cargo and passenger voyages to Murmansk and Dixon are made, to the archipelagoes of the Barents sea and other port locations of the Far North.

This is the smallest sea among all Russian seas, but even here archipelago is situated, moreover, it is one of the most famous — Solovki islands. Tourists and explorers often come here that’s why transport in the White Sea to Solovki goes more often than to other archipelagoes. But Arkhangelsk remains the main important port. It is equipped with everything necessary for processing of all types of cargo, especially to receive goods with significant draught. From here vessels make voyages to other port facilities of the water area — Onega, Mezen, Severodvinsk, Belomorsk.

The White Sea is in the group of those seas which make Northern Sea Route and which belong in terms of territory to the Arctic Ocean. It is almost fully surrounded with the boundary of the northern coast of Russia. It is difficult to overestimate the meaning of this water area in carriage of goods by sea: transportation in the White Sea is a necessary condition to export of cargoes from Arkhangelsk.

A lot of different cargoes are transported by sea / Delivery by the White Sea to Kandalaksha — the port which is situated in one of the bays — is up to date for many enterprises of the city. Here machine building enterprise works and aluminium enterprise which can send their products by sea to the ports of Europe , Arctic and Asia.

Belomorsk is also one of the main port locations of the water area which is connected with the central areas of Russia with the White Sea-Baltic sea canal. It allows to use the resources explored in the arctic deposits and to deliver them to the European ports.

Shipment of cargoes by the White Sea from Arkhangelsk is an important direction of activity of our company. Forming grouped cargoes in the largest trade port of the Northern sea route , we make delivery of goods in time and in any port locations of the Arctic, Asia, Europe and Russia.

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