Many settlements of the Far North are available for cars only in winter. In summer, the settlements on the coasts of the seas and rivers are reached by ships and air traffic. However, the delivery of vital goods to the population is usually made exclusively by sea. The shift camp of Kharasavey, which is located in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District on the same-name cape, is north of Salekhard. You can reach it by the Northern Sea Route via the Kara Sea, which is washing the cape. Sea freight to Kharasavey is practically the only reliable way of delivering vital goods here.

A number of large gas condensate fields have been discovered on the Yamal Peninsula, one of which is located near the settlement. The reserves are estimated at almost 2 trillion cubic meters. The shipment of various cargoes from Kharasavey, including gas, is possible by sea during summer navigation. It is planned to build an additional railway, which will connect the settlement with another settlement, Bovanenkovo, where gas production is also conducted.

Arctic Shipping Company (ASCO) offers services for cargo transportation by the Northern Sea Route. Logistics to Kharasavey involves working out of a route plan taking into account specificity of the climate. A project was developed that presupposed the export of produced liquefied natural gas and its delivery from Kharasavey by sea to the ports of Asia and Russia. However, so far this idea has not found a response from the management of Gazprom, since navigation in the Kara Sea is possible only with the support of icebreakers, for most of the year the water area is covered with ice. Therefore, a network of pipelines to transport gas is now being built in Yamal. Materials, cargo and passenger transportation are constantly needed for the construction, the support of ships is vitally important.

Vessels bring to Kharasavey equipment and building materials, food, goods for the residents of the settlements and the shop. Bovanenkovo gas field is 70 kilometers from the village and constantly needs different cargoes — machinery, food and household goods.

We offer sea transportation to Kharasavey from any point in Russia. We take full responsibility for cargo consolidation and clearance. There are two berths in the port of the settlement, where it is possible to ship piece goods and containers. Upon agreement, it is possible to accept ships with draft not exceeding 4 meters. Near the berths there are floating cranes, the carrying capacity of which is 5 and 16 tons.

Sea transportation to Kharasavey allows you to quickly and economically deliver large-size cargoes, including bulk and loose cargoes. Choosing a shipping route, you can reduce freight costs, as well as be sure that the goods arrive safely and on time. We are responsible for the condition of the cargo and make every effort to prevent mechanical damage. Therefore, machinery and even valuable precision equipment can be delivered by sea without worrying about its condition.

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