Cape Kamenny


Logistics to Cape Kamenny is one of the directions of sea cargo transportation, which is carried out by our company. It is a settlement in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. The settlement of Cape Kamenny is located on the coast of the Yamal Peninsula, on the left bank of the Ob Bay, the largest bay in the Kara Sea, the watershed between the Gydan Peninsula and Yamal. Conventionally it is divided into three parts, the names of which are historically conditioned, Airport (Aviators), Polar Expedition and Geologists.

Once a settlement was created as a base for geophysical expeditions to the Arctic. Over time, two other enterprises appeared. Previously, infrastructure and culture were better developed here. Over time, some residents settled in other cities, having left the Far North, but today more than 1500 thousand people live in the village. This means that, in addition to supplying an oil terminal at the Novoportovskoye field, local residents may need to transport cargo from Cape Kamenny to other Arctic or Russian ports. We also undertake the delivery of any cargo not only during the summer navigation, but also in winter, with the help of icebreakers.

In general, the population is engaged in medicine, education and culture: there are schools, including music school, culture clubs, gyms, hospitals and a kindergarten. The local utility uses fuel extracted directly from sources in the village. Transportation of various building materials to Cape Kamenny is relevant: it is easier to deliver cargoes and equipment within loading gauge by sea.

The district administration is gradually cleaning up the village, which has been littered since Soviet times — large dumps have recently been removed.

Transporting scrap metal, decommissioned equipment and machines from Cape Kamenny by sea is more profitable than by road. The settlement of Novy Port in the vicinity of Cape Kamenny, is close to Novoportovskoye oil field. In this connection, tankers with oil produced in Novy Port and other cargo ships regularly cruise along the Northern Sea Route.

Cargoes are transported to Cape Kamenny by land and air. However, it is sea shipping that is an advantageous and economical means of cargo delivery, since it allows you to pack both piece (general) cargoes, liquid cargoes like oil, and bulk cargoes such as coal, sand, and ore.

In summer, thanks to the port-pier, it becomes possible to provide a boat connection of the settlement with other cities of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. It is planned to develop another oil field near the settlement, which will require the delivery of additional materials and equipment to Cape Kamenny. The planned development of the Arctic regions, including this settlement, implies improvement of living conditions in the nearest future. Perhaps, ships will be able to come via the Kara Sea to the port of Cape Kamenny, which will not be inferior to other major ports.

Transportation to Cape Kamenny is carried out by our company at any time of the year. We undertake even the most difficult tasks and are ready to help in the preparation of transport plans and work out the best solutions.

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