Salmanovskoe field


Unique infrastructure that helps to solve production tasks effectively was built for the development of Arctic resources. Salmanovskoe (Utrennee) condensate field was opened in 1979 and is still the biggest one in the region and is of strategic importance for Russia. Quite famous South-Tambeyskoye gas field is located near. The nearest residential areas are: Sabetta, Seyakha, Tadebyakha, Tambey of Tazovsky district in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomus Region. Oil and gas wells are located in Obskaya bay offshore area and in the northern part of Gydan Peninsula. It is of high importance to provide delivery of the equipment, materials and essential goods on time. Sea route is the only way that gives an opportunity to do this instead of weather conditions.

Cargo transportation to Salmanovskoe field starts in Murmansk, Arkhangelsk or ports of Obskaya bay, such as, Sabetta, Seyakha, Nurma, Kameny and New Port. Navigational period lasts only two months a year, from the middle of June till September. Obviously, such a short period is not enough to complete all tasks.

Special berth was constructed and built in 2014. It enables to moor all types of ice-classed vessels all year round due to deeper floor. The berth works all day round on a double-shift basis.

Arctic Shipping Company owns vessels of high ice class that can go all year round through the Arctic Ocean. Vessels of different size and capacity are universal so cargo transportation to Salmanovskoe field and back can starts in any northern port.

Before transportation we make route plan that takes into consideration present weather conditions. Special gyroscopic system enables vessel to poise even in case of heavy rolling, brash or ridged ice. Moreover, vessels are equipped with special container securing system. We have got a license for carriage of dangerous goods. All your cargoes will be delivered in good condition! We offer delivery of your cargoes to Salamanovskoe field from any point of Russia. The period of transportation depends on navigational period, place and date of departure, as well as, on place of delivery. We provide all services connected with cargo execution, loading, discharging, guarantee of safety. Choosing sea route, you will keep costs down and make your profit higher.

We work with all companies doing business in Arctic region. Vast experience in this region helps us to make perfect logistic chain in order to deliver goods right on time.

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