Khatanga rural area is located near Taymyr Nature Reserve in the far North. The name of this place and similarly-named river is translated “water” from Evenki language.

Cargoes shipping to this area is possible during summer navigation. Khatanga as a port is known for a long time. In the second part of the last century it was of high importance for the Soviet industry. Today cargo shipping to Khatanga is in demand among oil production workers.

It is not favorable to transport cargoes to the arctic territories by automobiles as the weather is changeable and roads are almost impassable. Cargo transportation to Khatanga by sea has its advantages. The price of sea transportation is lower than of air transportation. Of course vessel’s capacity is quite big. Large-sized, heavy and dangerous cargoes can be transported without difficulty.

All types of equipment, bulk cargoes, broken-stone and timber, fragile and valuable equipment, domestic goods and many others are carried by vessels from June till October. Logistics to Khatanga is characterized by fast reaction: cargoes should be ready in several days to come to port in open water.

Coal and oil, salt and gas, apatite and ores were found in these earth depths. One of the biggest diamond fields was found near the Popigai crater. The territory is going to grow and develop. Well-organized sea transportation of extracted resources is necessary for the future development.

Khatanga is interesting not only to workers of mining and oil industries workers. Tourists often come here because of the Taymyr Reserve’s administration that is placed here. Passenger and cargo sea transportations to Khatanga are carried out only in summer. So the most part of cargoes is transported here in summer. Vessels go through the Laptev Sea and the Khatanga river that flows into the sea. Icebreakers do not work here. There are 5 berths for mooring and unmooring, open storage of 17 thousand m2, floating cranes, lift trucks.

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