Yamal peninsula is located in Western Siberia. It is famous for its gas fields. Vessels go across the Kara Sea to approach Yamal. More than 16 thousand people live on the peninsula. The most part of them work in gas producing industry.

Maritime traffic to Yamal is difficult in winter time because of the combination of arctic and subarctic climates. Temperature in the warmest month of the year (July) is not higher than 9 degrees Celsius. Large gas deposit was found along the east coast of Obskaya Bay and the west coast of Baydaratskaya Bay. Cargoes are delivered by maritime transport for explorers and workers of gas companies. Yamal is supposed to be the main region of gas production as more than 16 trillion cub. m are deposited here as well as a lot of oil and gas condensate.

The South-Tambeyskoye, Bovanenkovo and Kharasavey gas fields are considered to be the largest by the deposited gas. Fish, venison and furs are transported from Yamal regularly. Air traffic is poorly developed in the region. There is only one branch railway line that connects the biggest gas fields. In this case the most part of transportation to Yamal is performed by maritime transportation during open navigation.

On the peninsula there is New Port settlement where fish storage in a deep-frozen soil is engineered. Also there is a sea route to the settlement on the coast of Obskaya Bay. Maritime traffic to the settlement can starts in Arkhangelsk, Kamenny Cape (one more port of Yamal) and Antpayut. Logistics to Yamal means consolidation of cargoes in shipping terminal (Murmansk or Arkhangelsk) and going through the Northern Ship Route to place of destination.

We deliver cargoes of any tonnage and discharge them even to unimproved port facilities despite absence of up-to-date ports that have berths and cranes for cargoes discharge on the peninsula. Usually transportation from Yamal starts in New Port settlement or Kharasavey Sea Port.

It is difficult to perform works due to harsh weather conditions. Winter in Arctic is characterized by frost up to 50 degrees Celsius below zero, wind storms and high snow cover.

Transportation from one settlement to another is almost impossible. In this case in summer there is a need for winter provision, construction materials, household goods in sufficient number. Cargo shipping is of great importance for gas producing industry. Geologists haven’t explored the territory yet. They and workers need ongoing support from the continent. Arctic voyages are the main hope for workers of gas and oil industries as well as for locals.

Sea transportation to Spitzbergen is one of the main activities of our company.

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