One of the key activities of Arctic Shipping Company (ASCO) is cargo transportation to Taymyr. This territory is considered the northernmost edge of Eurasia, but it is still the part of the mainland. The Taymyr Peninsula is washed by the Kara Sea (the Yenisei Bay) and the Laptev Sea (the Khatanga Bay). It is here that Cape Chelyuskin is located — the northernmost point of Taymyr, where there is a radio meteorological center and an airfield.

Transportation of goods to Taymyr by sea is carried out mainly during the summer period, when the seas are free from ice. With the support of nuclear icebreakers, it is possible to pass the most difficult parts of the way.

Sea shipping to Taymyr is an economical way of transporting goods of any weight. Vessels are capable of long-distance transporting of machines, equipment, household goods, and food. Speed ??compared to air transportation is much lower, but, on the other hand, we can provide a different price level. In addition, sea transportation to Taymyr is a well-functioning, stable operating system that relieves freight forwarders from unnecessary hassle of customs clearance and border control.

There is not a single city in Taymyr, the entire population of the peninsula barely reaches 5000 people. They live in several villages and settlements. Nevertheless, strategically important ports are located here, which are important in the logistics of transportation from Taymyr to the Arctic military bases. The largest settlement of the peninsula is Karaul, a village where up to 4 tons of smoked fish are produced monthly.

The settlement of Dikson, known to all the military of the Far North and especially to those based on Novaya Zemlya, is also a part of Taymyr. Getting by sea from archipelagoes to Dikson, you can further travel by road or railway to anywhere in Russia. Shipping to Taymyr by sea is necessary not only for the inhabitants of the peninsula: there are meteorological polar stations, which need to import wintering supplies and other goods. Transport infrastructure is well developed here, but waterways are better than others. For example, Khatanga ports accept river and sea vessels, along the Yenisei and the Khatanga rivers. The administrative center of the district is Dudinka — another important Arctic port. The dispatch of cargo to Taymyr, as a rule, includes sea connection with one of the ports in Dudinka, Khatanga or Dikson. Consolidation of cargo occurs in Arkhangelsk or Murmansk, the transshipment bases, where our vessels are waiting for the collection of goods for subsequent delivery to destination.

We offer year-round sea transportation to Taymyr, with the possibility of renting containers for packing general cargo. Thanks to a competent working out of the route, we deliver the goods in the shortest possible time. In addition, we provide services for cargo clearance, including customs clearance and border control assistance.

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