Kotelny Island


One of the key strategic points in the development of the Arctic is the archipelago of the New Siberian Islands. Our military and explorers chose the largest island in the area. Delivery to Kotelny Island, a part of the group of Anzhu Islands, from 2013 is a popular service among companies engaged in sea freight.

Kotelny is a really big island, its area is more than 23 thousand square km. It has been known since the 18th century thanks to the merchant Ivan Lyakhov. This territory in the east is limited by the Laptev Sea, dividing it with the water area of ??the East Siberian Sea. Here, a quay similar to that already built on Novaya Zemlya, is being constructed. This is required in order to take vessels of any class with cargo during the summer navigation and carry out offshore unloading from barges.

Shipping to Kotelny Island from the mainland is required to deliver wintering supplies for the time when sea traffic will be hampered by ice and low temperatures. In this area, snow melts only for two months, the rest of the time a severe Arctic winter governs here.

This island is a part of the Ust-Lensky reserve and is known for its characteristic Arctic fauna — people hunt for polar foxes, mammoth remains were found here, there are populations of deer and polar bears. A polar explorer Dr. Herman Walter is buried on Kotelny Island. One of the island’s capes was named in honor of the brave explorer.

Logistics of cargo delivery to Kotelny Island involves a competent route plan. If passenger and oversized cargo transportation can be carried out by air, thanks to “Temp” airfield, transportation of heavy machines, station equipment, residential modules to Kotelny Island is possible only by sea and is desirable during the summer navigation, for convenience of unloading on shore.

In 2013, restoration of the former Soviet military base began. This is a part of the program developed by the Ministry of Defense of Russia — the creation of the “Arctic Shield”, radar and other stations. Transportation to Kotelny Island is performed mainly by sea from Tiksi — a port located on the mainland closest to the archipelago.

In 2013–2014, the reconstruction of the “Temp” air station began, which is being expanded for accommodation of heavy aircraft and development of military aviation. Nevertheless, sea transportation to Kotelny Island remains the preferred type of cargo delivery.

A military town is built on the island, for the construction of which ships delivered engineering equipment, special machines, construction materials and other things. The 99th tactical group is located here. In addition, the military often order delivery of armored fighting vehicles, snowmobiles, tractors and other equipment required for the full functioning of the military settlement in the Arctic conditions.

We ensure the delivery of goods to the island and back to the mainland with the use of own equipment for unloading of goods on the unequipped coast. To organize life and work of military personnel in the remote territory of the Far North, it is necessary to have a regular supply of food and household supplies, medical supplies, additional materials for repair of houses and equipment. All this can be delivered at any time by sea, using the services of sea freight.

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