The New Siberian Islands


The Russian archipelago, which belongs to the Ust-Lensky reserve, has recently become the base of the Russian armed forces. Transportation of cargo and building materials to the New Siberian Islands is necessary in order to equip a new Arctic military settlement.

Due to intensive geological survey, the Arctic has become an important strategic significant part of Russia, with industrial facilities of national importance. Moreover, the deployment of the military in the Far North is the fulfillment of the “Arctic Shield” program, which must completely protect the territory from outside penetration. Delivery of machines, equipment and household goods to the New Siberian Islands is a matter of the normal functioning of military facilities.

Our company undertakes transportation of any complexity, from different points of Russia. We are able to regularly supply military bases on Franz Josef Land Archipelago, Cape Schmidt, Wrangel and Kotelny islands. Transportation to the New Siberian Islands, as a rule, is connected with the permanent Arctic military base “Temp”.

The area of the New Siberian Islands archipelago in the Arctic Ocean exceeds some eastern and European states. Its development started in Soviet years and the main goal was research. It was in the 1970s that “Temp” airfield appeared, which is now being rebuilt for the purpose of the new base. Air transportation of heavy cargo to the New Siberian Islands is not economically profitable. Seagoing vessels with the support of icebreakers can serve the settlement all year round, not only during the summer navigation. This allows to perform cargo transportation to the New Siberian Islands with the help of large-capacity vessels.

While there is no equipped port and berths, the unloading goes directly on the shore or with the help of a tug and a barge. The logistics of cargo transportation to the New Siberian Islands includes making up a route plan from the customer’s warehouse to unloading on shore. In addition, we take scrap metal from the islands and other cargo for delivery to the continent.

The entire archipelago is divided into three parts: the Anzhu Islands, where “Temp” base is located, the Lyakhovsky Islands and the De Long Islands. Territorially all of them belong to the Bulunsky Ulus of Yakutia. You can find deer, polar bears, polar foxes, snowy owls, loons, seagulls. Previously, the polar fox was a commercial beast. The main base for researchers and the military is Kotelny Island. Transportation to the New Siberian Islands may include the delivery of cargoes by sea, the shipment of equipment.

Earlier, the seismic stations worked on the archipelago and the experience of Soviet researchers in this field allowed establishing with great accuracy where the epicenter of the earthquake is located. This is an effective way to control nuclear tests, secretly conducted by other powers. Therefore, the archipelago of the New Siberian Islands is a strategically important point in the Arctic Ocean. Large-scale geological, seismic studies of Soviet times provide grounds for current scientists and can bring significant benefits in the further development of the islands. If the district is developed further, it is possible that the Stakhanovtsev Bay, where ships are anchored, will eventually become the new Arctic port.

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