Solovetsky Islands


One of the most famous places in the Arctic is Solovki. Usually people know little about this place: there is a monastery here and there used to be a notorious Soviet concentration camp. In fact, Solovetsky Islands are an archipelago, consisting of 6 large and about one hundred small islands. They are located in the White Sea and the entire territorial formation is the largest in this area.

Now life is literally boiling there, so cargo transportation by sea to Solovetsky Islands is relevant. Administratively, this territory is a part of the Arkhangelsk region. Vessels cruise on route Arkhangelsk — Solovetsky Islands, carrying passenger and freight.

The whole archipelago with its surrounding waters in a five-kilometer zone is a part of the natural and historical museum-reserve. The main attraction is the monastery. To supply the spiritual institution, cargo is constantly sent to the Solovetsky Islands by sea. The monastery is located here since the XV century and retained its appearance — massive walls of stone and brick. In Soviet times, it was used as a prison, where the leadership was sent. The rich history of this place attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Therefore, the sea transportation of goods to Solovetsky Islands is a good solution in order to maintain the infrastructure of the archipelago.

Before the Great Patriotic War, the prison was finally removed from the monastery and the buildings were used for the Northern Fleet. Religious functions returned to the building in the 1990s. Transportation to the Solovetsky Islands in summer is necessary both for the inhabitants of the archipelago, and for visitors. For more than 10 years, the author’s song festival has been held here, supported by the Solovki museum-reserve and “Vostok” club from St. Petersburg. The settlement of Solovetsky offers hotels and tent camps for accommodation. The entire complex of the monastery is included in the list of UNESCO heritage sites.

Logistics of the water connection of Solovetsky Islands and the mainland includes the working out of a route with the passage of Rabocheostrovsk port near Kem or another Karelian port, Belomorsk.

The archipelago is located in the west of the White Sea, near the Onega Bay. Two straits separate it from Karelia and the Summer Coast. Since the 19th century, scientific expeditions have been regularly operating here and for a long time biologists have collected samples of marine fauna. Sea transport to Solovetsky Islands goes since the beginning of June. In the storm, water connection is interrupted due to the great danger to ships. Passenger traffic is carried out daily. The coasts of the islands are ready to receive goods and people on several berths: Heta, Tamarin and the Bay of Well-being.

Delivery to Solovetsky Islands is usually performed along the Northern Sea Route (the White Sea), but river vessels come here from Moscow via the White Sea — Baltic Canal. Our company offers the delivery of cargo to Solovki from May to November. We deliver goods for both the residents of the monastery and the inha bitants of the settlement of Solovetsky. Due to the presence of a large terminal that provides unloading services on the island, the possibility to store goods in a warehouse and transportation are simplified.

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