Belushya Bay


Settlement Belushya Bay is an administrative center of Novaya Zemlya archipelago situated between the Kara and the Barents Seas. From the two large islands which make the archipelago only Southern one is inhabited, because the northern is partially a gletcher. In the Southern island the seaside is full of capes, bays and gulfs. To the west of it there is Gusinaya Zemlya Peninsula partially separated from the main island with the strait Kostin Shar. Strait Belushya Guba is also situated there, in honor of which the main settlement of the archipelago is named.The peninsula is situated maximum close to the continent, in the western part of the Novaya Zemlya. The sea is more than 120 m deep there.

Arctic shipping company makes cargo transportation to Belushya Bay from Arkhangelsk, Murmansk and other sea ports. Being ship owners and forwarder of the cargo we bear full responsibility for transport provision for our client. From ancient times since the first military settlements appeared here, all provision and equipment for them were delivered exceptionally be sea. And today military transportation to Belushya Bay are the most profitable way of cargo communication of the continent with the archipelago.

We take responsibility to deliver cargoes of any type, from containers to bulk cargoes, from heavy machinery to food items, from military equipment to household items. Transport to Belushya Bay is limited — you can achieve archipelago only by sea or with the help of polar aviation. Airfield is in Rogachevo settlement which is situated not far from Belushka — as it is called in the folklore.

ASCO performs delivery to Belushya Bay of wheel machinery, fully tracked — military hardware, hazardous cargoes, materials. We also take goods and metal scrap from the settlement to deliver them to the ports of Arctic, Archangelsk, Murmansk and others. We provide all ear round navigation and if necessary we offer individual transport solutions. As the shore is not equipped with berths and quays, discharge of cargo is performed manually, with the help of the barge and the tugs.

Our company has a big experience in the area of transportation of equipment and goods along the Northern Sea route. Logistics to Belushya Bay allows to make a most optimal route, which takes into account peculiarities of the region and particular season.

ASCO delivers goods by any suitable way (land, river, air) to the ports of departure — Murmansk and Arkhangelsk. Then our specialists receive cargo, place it for storage in the warehouses and start the procedure of documents processing (including customs clearance). Then the goods is packed, loaded on the vessel and fastened in a special way so that not to harm it upon any types of rolling.

Sending to Belushya Bay takes place in Arkhangelsk as a rule — it simplifies processing and delivery. All items of our fleet allow to perform transportation even to the unequipped ports situated in the Arctic seaside. If necessary we take responsibility to transport cargoes to Belushya Bay from the neighbouring settlement Rogachevo (for example, transportation of military equipment, heavy equipment).

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