There is only one city in the Nenets Autonomous District, it is also the center of the region. Located in the Arctic, near the entrance to the Barents Sea from the Pechora River, Naryan-Mar lies 660 kilometers from Arkhangelsk. There is no railway in Naryan-Mar, “Red City”, as it is translated from Nenets; the distance to the closest station Usinsk is more than 300 km and in summer it is inaccessible. Therefore, in the summer period transportation of goods and passengers is carried out only by sea.

Since the city has no connection either by rail or road with other cities, the main functions are taken by aviation and sea freight to Naryan-Mar. There is an unfinished road to Usinsk, which was to link the center of the Nenets Autonomous District and the Republic of Komi. Last year the government financed its further construction. Nevertheless, even if the constant road appears, the delivery of various cargoes to Naryan-Mar by sea along the Northern Sea Route will remain one of the priorities of our activity.

The airport is used mostly for passenger transportation to the Russian capital, St. Petersburg, Syktyvkar and other cities. Goods come to the city by sea from Arkhangelsk, and by river — along the Pechora river from the same-name city. When developing logistics to Naryan-Mar, it should be taken into account from which point the cargo is shipped and how it can be delivered quicker and safer.

Arctic Shipping Company (ASCO) is engaged in sea cargo transportation to the Far North. We take goods anywhere in Russia and deliver them through the Arctic to the specified destination. In difficult climatic conditions of the Polar region, the cargo delivery from Naryan-Mar in summer is complicated by the lack of the road. However, in this period vessels can enter the seaport of the city without icebreakers’ escort.

The terminals of Amderma and Naryan-Mar are equipped in the seaport. From June to the end of October, navigation is free, and then ice fleet support is required. Transportation to Naryan-Mar has been carried out since the 1920s: the first building of the city was the one belonging to the shipping company of the North. The fact that the port is on the Pechora River imposes some restrictions on vessels: the draft cannot exceed 3.9 m, and the length of the vessel must be up to 114 m. Nevertheless, transportation of heavy machines, equipment, bulk and large-sized cargoes to Naryan-Mar and from it is quite possible: a number of sea vessels meet these criteria.

There are 4 berths in the port, the unloading of goods is also carried out in the harbor: this allows solving the problem with the draft of the ships, as the off-shore unloading is possible at a depth of up to 10 m. The commercial seaport and Arcticport (refers to Amderma terminal) have floating cranes with carrying capacity of 21 tons and portal cranes.

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