Kolguyev Island


A part of the Arkhangelsk region is presented by a number of territorial entities that are not on the mainland. For example, Kolguyev Island, lying in the east of the Barents Sea, near the Kanin Peninsula is unlike a number of sparsely populated or uninhabited islands of the Arctic. There are more than 400 people permanently living in the village of Bugrino.

Delivery of food and other cargo to Kolguyev Island by sea happens intensively during the summer navigation. Most often, goods from the port of Arkhangelsk are sent here. In addition to the main settlement, there is also a base of oil workers and a very small village of Severny, with a meteorological station in this area.

The residents of Bugrino, the administrative center of the Kolguyev rural council, and shift workers at the oil field constantly need not only household goods, but also building materials. The buildings gradually fall into decay, and recently a new school has been built in the village. All this is possible only thanks to the constant sea cargo transportation to Kolguyev Island.

At Lake Peschanoe, employees of the company “Arctic Oil” are engaged in the development of an oil field. The company has a license to produce oil on this island since the 1980s. It is possible that in the coming years the company will build new facilities for the extraction of natural gas. So far, 100,000 tons of oil are produced on Kolguyev annually and the oil is placed in the tankers near the shore: a floating oil pipeline has been built for this. Logistics of cargo delivery from Kolguyev Island allows you to plan the route in order to use the shortest way to export oil to Rotterdam.

“Arctic Oil” supports not only its oil workers, who live far from the settlement and do not communicate with the local population. The company also organizes air and sea trips and sends doctors to Kolguyev Island, equipment for the survey of residents.

Arctic Shipping Company (ASCO) is involved in transportation of different cargoes from Kolguyev Island. We carry out deliveries, constantly supervising all stages of the way and we make the route plan to save the client’s money and time.

Transportation to Kolguyev Island is possible only by sea or by air. That is why cargo ships are the only way to provide the inhabitants with everything they need, from food to furniture and household appliances, from building materials, including bulk cargo and timber, boards, concrete structures and other large-sized goods.

One of the important directions of our activity is transportation of cargoes for the military, oil workers, researchers and local people to Kolguyev Island and other Arctic islands by sea. We undertake all projects related to transportation along the Northern Sea Route, we have special equipment for unloading on unequipped coast, we bring heavy equipment and cars and cruise all year round with the help of the ice fleet.

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